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Welcome to The Future of Lightweight Metal Castings Manufacturing! Business opportunity to buy all our IP’s (20+ patents), Know-how, trade secrets etc. „Our Mission Zero“ to very important problems: Stop massive mistreatment of our planet! Stop emitting dengerous gases! Stop polutting aphmosthere! Stop „take-make-waste“ industrial system! Stop making heavy environmentally un-friendly cars! Since 2005 we are developing the idea of „Mission zero for planetary light metal molding/casting“ – zero contribution to the greenhouse effect and global warming. Because, everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe thinking and behaving differently. The way we challenging the status quo is by making our machines simply axiomatically designed, long lasting, and environmentally friendly and very user friendly. Do you believe what we believe? We dedicated all working life (40+ years) to solve two problems: production of high integrity light metal castings by stopping emitting of dangerous gases into the atmosphere and reducing porosities in castings. Working backwards from real internal defects as seen in x-ray images, we invented from scratch a very new vertical, very environmentally friendly semi-solid molding machine called MAXImolding!™. Additionally, we paired MAXImolding!™ with MAXIpart™, a previously developed fully automated real-time x-ray inspection machine with Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR). Working in tandem, a real-time closed loop feedback based on Machine Iterative Learning (MIL) is established and casting processing parameters optimized without usage of any human operator on the casting machine. Our HyperComMachinery™ concept defines self-contained fully operated modules that flow seamlessly into factory SCADA system according to CEO‘s ultimate wish - one software for whole factory! Our technologies in x-rays, plastic and metal injection molding, linear robotics, machine vision systems etc. are enabler to build first self-learning smart digital molding/casting factory on the planet. Together with you as a light metal casting manufacturer as well as manufacturers in others industries worldwide. We are Canadian/German innovative, high-tech company (20+ patents) that offering for sale/license: S2S™ - semi-solid, precise heat controled, slurry delivering process for MAXImolding!™; MAXImolding!™ - vertical Magnesium Injection Molding Machine that replaces complete casting line; MAXIpart™ - fully automated (ADR) x-ray inspection system that works in tandem with MAXImolding!™ machine and optimizes self-learning casting process by Machine Iterative Learning; MAXIfactory™ - self-learning smart casting plant; Linear robotics; machine vision systems etc. If you are interested in buying/lisensing our technologies please contact Edo Meyer at

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